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Dec 03 2007


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This is the best time of year for sunsets. I got home the other day to find this. Just stunning!

Picture taken across the street from my house and over the roof of our neibors. Took several shots, some just all clouds to possibly use as a screen saver. The only bummer is once I looked at the pictures I realized that I had the camera set for 1000 ASA so it’s a bit grainier than it should be.


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Dec 01 2007

Today my husband discovered blogging

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While I was rearranging furniture in the living room my husband was taking calls from clients in front of his computer, a typical Saturday in our house ~ okay, not the furniture aspect, but definitely the phone calls and the computer part. Only I was not aware that he had tapped into a new world where there were multiple interfaces to choose from. No, not just multiple, that hardly describes the pages I saw him scrolling through as I became dizzy from leaning over his shoulder waiting for the end of the page, which did not come before I finally gave up waiting ~ Ah, freeware, such a delicious concept, yet seldom do we have the time or patience to explore it, nor have I been so fortunate, before now, to have found something as fascinating as this that will allow us to create our own Blog, to share our lives, our stories, our pictures, with family, friends, and yes, complete strangers… And here is my husband, ecstatic and childlike in his discovery of this new software and all that it can do to open up the world of sharing with others his (truly amazing) photographs ~ This really is something to be excited about, and to interact with others and get their input and ideas, well that is just icing on the cake because, let’s face it, friends and family’s opinions don’t count no matter what we say…

He has been asking me if blogging is something that I would be interested in, to which I have emphatically said “NO”… and now, having read my first paragraph back to him, he is walking through the house chanting the equivalent of “nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, I told you so”. Smug so-and-so… It isn’t that I don’t want to get into blogging, believe me I could see myself blogging 24/7 ~ and there is the rub! With a four year old son, two full time jobs working from home, and sole house keeper, the attraction of such a creative outlet is a strong draw (example ~ the furniture still standing in the middle of our living room, paintings still un-hung, dinner uncooked, laundry unfolded, but who cares, I am writing, yahoo!). How many times have I had to work late because first I had to write responses to emails that either rubbed my belief systems the wrong way or were just so ridiculously stupid and insulting that I had to make some intelligent response in case any of my friends might have actually taken the bait? It is this that caused me to say “NO” when asked if I would like to Blog, because I know, like candy to a child, drugs to an addict, and alcohol to Lindsay Lohan, I just cannot stop once I start, and all else will go to hell. Not fair to our son, and our home projects are already getting ahead of me! So my dear husband, I will not be able to resist you ~ your blog, that is, and so, occasionally you will go without clean jeans, sorry… But you will have this delightfully witty reparté.

Rick, in his carefree, pre-blogging years



Cory, an example of Rick’s best work, both with a camera and genetically




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Dec 01 2007

My Brother

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My brother is stationed on the USS Ronald Reagan and is out to sea. He sent me this picture today with this caption.

High Speed Turn

“Hey guys, here is a photo of us doing a high speed turn.”

I’m very proud of him and what he does for our country.

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