Feb 12 2008

Healthy Choices

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     Life is a series of choices, but we don’t always see the choices we have, and so we give away our choices all the while thinking they were taken from us. What we choose today may well determine the range of choices we will have tomorrow, and so it makes sense to take better care of ourselves today, no? Too bad we don’t have that common sense when we are younger!


     If we take better care of ourselves because it feels right and is a life plan and not a temporary goal or something someone else expects of us, we can find a path that suits us and works best for our lifestyle, instead of an unbearable daily torture, a temporary solution and a difficult to keep promise that will be broken once the goal has been met, from which we will slip back where we started from, wondering what happened. If we give everything up like a martyr and have that sense that life will no longer have any joie de vivre…well, then it won’t, because we will rob it of every joyous moment with our attitude and negative perspective! We will spend every moment thinking of the things we are missing out on, what we do not have, snapping at everyone around us instead of realizing that we have it pretty good and we haven’t really given up so much after all, and what we are gaining is pretty spectacular. If you are a negative person you will only see the negative and miss all the great things in your day, but if you step outside of your black cloud you can see some pretty amazing things, you just have to be willing to let go of all that is holding you in that bad head space first. If you are used to being there it can be pretty hard to get out, and even harder to stay out. Baby steps, but once you start stepping out each day it gets easier, the brain just needs to be retrained. The “ego” doesn’t like change, it wants everyone around you to change instead. But change is good, it shakes things up a bit.


     When you are truly healthy you will find that the unhealthy foods you once craved no longer hold the same appeal. So often people get angry about having their diets changed by their doctors, they feel denied of favorite foods, but do not realize that they crave those favorite foods because their systems are out of balance and if they would just follow guidelines set to help balance out their systems those cravings would pass. They would still enjoy some of those foods, but their “needs and cravings” for them would pass, so long as they did not allow themselves to binge on them and knock their systems out of balance again.


     Some people set difficult goals because they enjoy the thrill of the obstacle course, or they put things off until the final hour and then have to push themselves like they are in a race to get it all done in an impossibly short amount of time. Make choices for yourself, be selfish in this, and find what works for you, ask questions, do the research, do what needs to be done to be the best you, to live the best life. If you must live your life like you are in a race, then recognize that the race is not meant to make you miserable in reaching a goal that you can only fall away from in the end. After all, the joy of life isn’t in arriving at the destination, it’s the journey…and the characters we meet along the way!

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  1. Sonjaon 14 Feb 2008 at 3:34 PM

    Balance in all things.
    Many of us were taught that thinking of ourselves is selfish. However, to be effective in helping anyone else, we take good care of ourselves first. Then others can benefit from all the glorious health-induced energy that we build up!

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