Feb 28 2008

Complicit Media?

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    We were not surprised when Senator Clinton commented last night on the fact that she always gets the first questions ~ which of course then gives Obama the opportunity to ride on her coat/skirt tails when he responds to the same question. That the moderators appear to be complicit is what offends us. Tim Russert, when discussing this fact after the debates played dumb, stating that he had given each the opportunity to answer questions first. However, his examples of questions were specific to each candidate and not the dual candidate questions which Senator Clinton had been referring too. The Media is playing into the Obama Mania, but is it just because they dislike the Clintons so much or are they really that ignorant?

    Time after time we have watched these debates and been impressed with the facts and details Senator Clinton has laid out regarding her policies and experience, and then watched as Obama has had to backpedal, saying “I agree with Senator Clinton” and then launch into his boilerplate rhetoric. She has presented us with her long and impressive, and researchable work history (i.e. you can easily find out exactly what she has accomplished in public domain records), while Obama has given only generic reference to what he has done “all his life” but provided no tangible evidence of his “work product”, to use a lawyer term. He did not exist prior to throwing his hat into the Presidential Ring, to most of the citizens of the United States ~ and I wonder how many of his statesman knew of his existence prior to that as well.

    Frankly I hated the way the moderators backed down from their question, and then let Senator Clinton take it in the chops for taking Obama to the mat for not outright rejecting the support of Louis Farrakhan, when any child with a dictionary can easily discern the difference between denunciation and rejection.

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