Feb 29 2008

Cult of Personality

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    Watching the debates, it is obvious who the media darlings are, whom they hate and which way they swing, as they sway the public opinion to their way of thinking in this, their Cult of Personality. They demolish and slander the ones they dislike, turning the tiniest remarks against their targeted candidate, twisting the truth into the ugliest of lies, from which the truth will never see the light of day. And forget the policies of the candidates, because the media is making damn sure the nation is playing into their popularity contest instead of seeing which candidate is best prepared for running the country!

    Still, I have to wonder how it is that Americans fall so easily into the traps the media lay. I have seen a pattern in their interrupting answers being given by Senator Clinton, that when she is detailing a policy of hers she has been interrupted by the mediator in a debate who then asks Obama to rebut something she said earlier in her comments ~ drawing attention away from something so essential for the public to know! We don’t hear what is really important, such as a detailed accounting of each candidate’s work history ~ which informs their abilities as a President ~ and the candidates detailed explanations of their policies, both foreign and domestic, and their reasoning behind these policies. As Madeleine Albright pointed out, the fact that Senator Clinton made mistakes while acting as First Lady in the White House has benefited her, because she learned from it and knows now how best to proceed and won’t waste time on a learning curve.

    Thanks to the Media slant, many don’t know and few will remember that the race card was first played by the Obama camp. Never mind that Senator Clinton’s quote from a black minority leader was a fair call, after all she is a minority ~ more than Obama in this particular race ~ a woman in an arena that has been dominated by men. As President of the United States, a black man would be a first, but still we would have a man as President! But a woman as President ~ the prejudices that come with that are far more reaching than this country wants to admit. The only thing that might make it harder for her would be if she were a black woman, talk about your minority! So the media should just shut up already about the race card, because frankly she has a stronger minority argument!

    There needs to be some honest writing about what is going on in the press. Frankly they are slaughtering the Clintons ~ no surprise, they have been after them since President Clinton was in the White House, but is Hillary paying for the sins of her husband at the expense of the country? Has anybody ever considered what these two people went through since he first took office? The witch-hunt that never ended, and yet they have never stopped serving the public good. President Clinton continues to serve this country even as he continues to be unfairly attacked by the media and the Republican slander machine. How many of us could accomplish all that they have under such hellish circumstances? How many of us would even consider it, much less have the temperament to go through it?

    Senator Clinton is the only candidate that has presented any real substantive policies, she isn’t talking around the issues, it isn’t all catch phrases and speech making, she has details, facts and data, and if you ask her about her background she can tell you the when, where, the names of groups and companies she has worked with. All of Barack Obama’s rhetoric is just a sound loop, it conveys no information about his policies but gives everyone the “vibe” that he is going to do what they want once he is in office. It makes them believe he is going to change everything for the better, and all they really want is to get away from how things have been these last 7 years, right? But the fact is, we need someone tough enough and with the knowledge of how to get in there and get dirty and get it done right the first time and not make a first timers mistakes – we cannot afford on the job training and the mistakes that come with that this time around, because this country is in real trouble! We do not need a “feel good” President, we need a real good President!

    Obama is all talk about his work history, but there isn’t anything that is researchable in what he reveals in his speeches ~ he is virtually unknown. Now with that name, in this era, that is hard to imagine, don’t you think? He is a cartoonists and stand-up comics dream, he would not have slipped by them unnoticed if he had been as actively “working for the people” as he says he’s been in the political arena. No, Obama has been working in the shadows, waiting for this opportunity.

    A bit of perspective regarding Iraq: It is easy to be against the war in Iraq when you weren’t in a position to have to vote on the issue, to be held accountable to the people that you are representing in your district. Lest everyone forget, Senator Clinton represents the people of New York who had been attacked by a Weapon of Mass Destruction and at the time that her vote was cast there was a strong belief that our enemies in Iraq had WMD and were prepared to use them against us, albeit engendered by a president and administration we had not yet learned the truth about. With the fears of her constituents as fresh as the blood and ash on the streets of New York where the World Trade Center once stood, she had very strong and compelling reasons to cast her vote as she did. As far removed as the rest of the country was, watching from our living rooms as the tragedy unfolded, never having breathed the rancid air or known the terror the sound of an airplane must bring to the people that survived that day, it must be an easy thing for Obama to say he was against the war in Iraq from day one. To have never been under attack, it is easy to take a position like his. He didn’t have to answer to the people that had known the terror of having been the target of Weapons of Mass Destruction. He wasn’t in a position of having to tell them “I did nothing when the President came to me and told me that the enemy had weapons and were going to attack the US.” And now Obama sits there with the commentators, mediators, and the rest of us who have always been against the war, with the luxury of twenty-twenty hindsight, saying “I told you so”, without a hint of understanding or knowledge of what it was to be in her position. I have always been against the war, but when I considered this perspective, I understood Senator Clinton’s vote better, because I could not imagine what it must have been like for New Yorkers to be told that our enemy, an insane man such as Saddam Hussein, had amassed weapons to be used against us, or the fear that this must have engendered in them.

    I have a friend that is gung-ho for Obama, because she felt that Senator Clinton was against pulling out of Iraq. She did not understand Clinton’s response to the question about ending the war. We had a rather heated discussion about it, as you might imagine. I was for helping the Iraqi people, mainly the women and children there (though I felt the war was an extreme move and not in their best interest). A friend of mine was training the Iraqi women to operate their own businesses. She sent me newsletters about her work and experiences there, so I had a genuine view of the good that was being done there to balance the media picture. But knowing about all these people working with the Americans, I was distressed about how we would go about pulling out while keeping them safe, until I heard Senator Clinton speak at the January 31st debate. She gave the most responsible answer:

I’ve been very clear in saying that I will begin to withdraw troops in 60 days. I believe that it will take me one to two brigades a month, depending on how many troops we have there, and that nearly all of them should be out within a year. It is imperative, though, that we actually plan and execute this right. And you may remember last spring, I got into quite a back-and-forth with the Pentagon, because I was concerned they were not planning for withdrawal, because that was contrary to their strategy, or their stated position.And I began to press them to let us know, and they were very resistant, and gave only cursory information to us. So I’ve said that I will ask the Joint Chiefs and the secretary of defense and my security advisers the very first day I’m president, to begin to draw up such a plan so that we can withdraw.

But I just want to be very clear with people, that it’s not only bringing our young men and women and our equipment out, which is dangerous. They have got to go down those same roads where they have been subjected to bombing and so much loss of life and injury. We have to think about what we’re going to do with the more than 100,000 Americans civilians who are there, working for the embassy, working for businesses, working for charities.And I also believe we’ve got to figure out what to do with the Iraqis who sided with us. You know, a lot of the drivers and translators saved so many of your young men and women’s lives, and I don’t think we can walk out on them without having some plan as to how to take care of those who are targeted.At the same time, we have got to tell the Iraqi government there is no more time. They are out of time. They have got to make the tough decisions they have avoided making. They have got to take responsibility for their own country.

And in the February 21st Debate, she reiterated her plan and also talked about a military wife she had encountered:

“Last night in Brownsville, you know, a woman grabbed my hand and said, “Please, my husband’s there for the third time. Bring him home.” And I told her privately what I have said publicly many times – I will bring him home because I do not think it is in the interest of America or of the Iraqis that we continue to be there. It is up to the Iraqis to decide the kind of future they will have.”

She has been the ONLY Candidate showing enough respect to the people to spell this out instead of just telling us what we want to hear. Obama had to, once again, back pedal and follow in her footsteps when she explained it. Situations like this are the reason why she commented on always getting the first question, because they enable Obama to avoid having any real substantive answers of his own, he simply adds his own tagline to her ideas. Rick and I caught on during the first debate between Clinton and Obama, so the Mediators and Commentators are playing dumb, the question is why? How can we have a truly democratic system when the media freely manipulates the facts?

    When did the reporters become part of the story? How do we get them to stop their slanderous comments and get them to dig into what’s important, to leave their personal bias out of our news, to state the facts and let us be our own Judge and Jury? Let’s stop being so narrowly focused on one thing and expand the arena, stop the health care issue from being the ONLY issue covered in debates and stop the war in Iraq from being the bludgeoning tool that it has become. What are the candidates’ policies and plans for resolving our foreign diplomatic issues with countries other than Iraq? What about the economy, the mortgage crisis, the green energy issues, and women’s rights? What about the Republicans and the damage they have done? What are the candidates’ credentials? Lets put those up for a comparison and see how they stand up to the light of day. Instead of hearing his sound bite over and over again; let’s see Obama’s history of “serving the people”, then let’s see how it measures up to Senator Clinton’s record ~ and put it to a Vote!

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