Mar 13 2008


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Why is it, that as a woman enters midlife and is most susceptible to those hormonal impulses to do harm, that her partner, also entering midlife, is most prone to say and do some of the most stupid things? It’s as if God is ensuring that we won’t overpopulate the earth, one way or another.


Today Rick and I are celebrating the day we met, 9 years ago, at my father’s 72nd birthday dinner party! I know it would be logical to assume it was something he said that brought on the above thought. He is, after all, my Muse. But really, it was brought on by my annual trip to the obgyn, my entry into midlife as a 46 year-old mother of a 4 year-old, and the quandary “do people even have mid-life crisis anymore, with all the life extending drugs/supplements we’re all taking?!” I really haven’t the time for one right now, maybe later…

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