Mar 29 2008

Maisy and Mayhem

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Cory is now 4 1/2 and he is beside me watching Maisy, a cartoon we discovered on our train trip north to Santa Ynez in 2005. We were at our wits end with him; we had mistakenly thought he would be so enthralled at being on a train that he would sit staring out the window or walk happily down the aisles with dad exploring the train, but it wasn’t to be. Instead, he was a whirling dervish of activity, our little Tasmanian Devil. But just as we wondered how we would keep him from leaping off the train in a moment of exhausted inattention, a woman sat down with a little girl and a wondrous little device; a portable DVD player, with Maisy playing on it, and Cory was hypnotized, instantly immobilized. The woman, whose name I sadly did not get because I owe her all of our lives, or at least what little bit of sanity we had left, invited Cory to come sit and watch with her granddaughter. We were so impressed that we bought one of these magic devices for the train trip home! Rick even uses it for his business, but trust me, it goes with us whenever we take Cory anywhere now. But the amazing thing to me, is that today, nearly three years later, Cory was in a mood and causing much mayhem about the house, so I suggested we put on a DVD for him ~ he chose Maisy ~ and what do you know, it had the same effect today as it did the first time! All I can say is thank you Maisy creator, Lucy Cousins. Thanks to you, I actually got a little work done today!

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