Mar 04 2008

Politics of Fear

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We have been hearing about how it’s time for change. “We need to end the politics of fear.” I was listening to an interview of a man who said he was voting for Obama. He, like so many, seemed invigorated. The words almost caught in his throat as he said it was time for “change”. He said that Obama could end the division in Washington. I was taken by the way this guy was just eating this stuff up without questioning a thing. How is it that Obama will be bringing Republicans and Democrats together in Washington? Obama has partnered very little with Republicans during his time in office. In fact, he has frequently taken the unusual position of voting “present,” not yea or nay. This is not the behavior of a consensus builder. Both Hillary and McCain have a long history working to get things done. On both sides of the aisle, and they both have the scars to prove it. Truth is that Obama is likely to be more liberal than Hillary. I am already hearing that he has a public program for everything. Obama is not going to bring Republicans to him. These divisions are ages old and it’s naive to think a newbie with no reputation will change that.

So while I was thinking about this, I got to thinking about the Politics of Fear. We have three Candidates, well five really, but the other two don’t count. McCain is all about national security and makes no excuses for it. He flat out says it’s the most important thing right now. Hillary too has been all over the world and has a very good grasp of just how dangerous things are right now. She too says that the world is a dangerous place and this is no time to mess around with inexperience. Obama’s position is different, he prefers dialog over confrontation. There are quite a few world leaders that just can’t wait to see this guy in office. Iran for instance. While he engages in meaningful and productive talks they can finish their nuclear program. We are going to need someone who is not preoccupied with talking to the enemy. The Bush administration has left us isolated but holding hands and singing Kumbya, not very realistic. Those of us who think Bush has been less than a source of American Pride should not be confused by the pure evil in the world. In this time of conflict and war everything we do matters. Time matters. Be Afraid!

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