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May 14 2008

Still Crazy After All These Years!

Monday Rick and I celebrated seven years of marriage. Our anniversary also marks the nine year anniversary of the day he told me that he loves me. It was an unusual event only because the way that he told me I actually thought he was breaking up with me. But then, when he asked me to marry him, I thought I was in trouble for complaining about the size of our hotel room in San Francisco. In my defense, the room was the size of a postage stamp, reminiscent of “Barefoot in the Park”. Seriously, one of us had to sit on the bed so the other could walk thru. Even so, my complaints had all been the tongue in cheek sort. So you can imagine my surprise that morning, when he sat me down and proceeded to ask me to marry him instead! As we set off on our adventures for the day we called my family to tell them the good news. My brother, being a minister, asked if he could officiate the wedding. Rick and I thought this was a wonderful idea. We loved the thought of our family and friends participating in our special day in whatever capacity that they wanted to. And so we spent the rest of our vacation making plans for our wedding and considering the perfect date. We didn’t want to wait too long, but wanted a date of significance as well.

Then the unthinkable happened. My brother passed away two weeks before our wedding. I found myself planning his funeral instead of putting the final necessary arrangements in place for our wedding. But then four friends of ours came to our rescue and took over the wedding plans so that I could be where I was needed most. When Rick and I discussed our options about the wedding, we kept coming back to one thing, that Marc had been so excited about us getting married, he had even ordained my mother so that she could perform the ceremony in case he was too sick (because I had refused to look for a back-up minister, having told him it was him or not at all, I would not take that away from him). We knew if we postponed to a later date we would still always remember what had passed, but that by going ahead with the ceremony as planned it would be a way of honoring Marc’s wishes and that was what felt right, that was what Marc would have wanted too. We have never regretted that decision, and whenever we have reflected on our wedding day we have always marveled at the love that we were embraced with, not only by one another, but by everyone present.

Our friends gathered together other friends and they all worked to create a magical, mystical place for our special day. It enveloped us in it’s warm embrace on May 12th, 2001. For those fleeting moments time seemed to stand still and we were transported into a fairy tale where the dragons were all friendly. Each year Rick and I journey back to this safe place, if only in our minds, and marvel at the peace and quiet of it all, of the love we felt wrapped around us. We were blessed by so many and so much love. Our gratitude is so immense there are no words sufficient to express it.

Thank you for giving us the memory of a lifetime!

We continue to count you all as our blessings, we love you!

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