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Mar 07 2010


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My brother Matt and I have a great relationship. While he’s currently in the Navy he worked for me for several years.

We installed A/V systems in places like Albertsons, Hooters & Anchor Blue. Everywhere we went we ran into characters.

While I am clearly the seasoned veteran, having started in 1976, Matt brought a certain charm to the job, as well as a lot of hard work.

A dry wit and good humor we both share but, I don’t know, there was something extra. Something Uniquely Matt.

It’s there when you least expect it. Like, cable tied to your steering wheel, or spray painted  on your ladder.

I never knew what was going to be cable tied  to what or electrical taped to where. And the implications and inferences,  don’t get me started.

You can imagine how much fun we had. I often reflect on our time working together with great joy.

So fast forward to current time. He’s in the Navy. Doing wonderful things.

I’m managing my Audio and Internet businesses in this delightful economy. I’ve been doing some advertising on many web sites I manage. This requires an open mind and an eye for what works. Some things do and many others, not so much.

But in all things I do, family is always on my somewhat twisted mind. So naturally when given the chance to affiliate with Colonblow I jumped at the opportunity.

Imagine my surprise when “Matthew A. Gardner” returned my offer.

Read email copy below:

Dear Campaign Affiliate,

Thank you for your interest in Colonblow!

We look forward to working together and making this campaign a real success.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know, we would appreciate hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Matthew A. Gardner


At first I thought it must be Matt pranking me again. But after a bit of thought…. The truth is stranger than fiction.

Ain’t life grand!

Love you Brother.

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Jan 07 2008

Chili’s Moreno Valley

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One of the latest installs by Gardner Graphics

One of the 2008 solutions is to do work for other good companies.


Chili’s Moreno Valley Has 2 Primary Zones ( Bar & Dine ) but has a separate system in the kitchen and 3 audio sources plus the tuner for the kitchen.

System Controls

Dine System

Dine Speakers

Bar System

Bar Speakers


Entry with Speaker

Main System

And Finally, the Rack

Customer is very happy and another one is already been taken on in Riverside.

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