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Jan 18 2008

Great News Girls!

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Now you can dress like you live in a barn.

Dress Barn

All you have to do is drive to Moreno Valley.

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Dec 03 2007


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This is the best time of year for sunsets. I got home the other day to find this. Just stunning!

Picture taken across the street from my house and over the roof of our neibors. Took several shots, some just all clouds to possibly use as a screen saver. The only bummer is once I looked at the pictures I realized that I had the camera set for 1000 ASA so it’s a bit grainier than it should be.


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Dec 01 2007

My Brother

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My brother is stationed on the USS Ronald Reagan and is out to sea. He sent me this picture today with this caption.

High Speed Turn

“Hey guys, here is a photo of us doing a high speed turn.”

I’m very proud of him and what he does for our country.

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